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Unauthorized Transactions - Resolution center error message

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Unauthorized Transactions - Resolution center error message



I recently had a customer place 4 separate orders over the course of about a month from the same customer  starting in May and ending approximately June 3rd. On June 8th through the 10th I received notices that the (3) of the transactions @ $1,700 ea were "Unauthorized Transactions". I provided screenshots of our communication, receipts, and tracking information along with my response:

This customer placed multiple orders with our company between May 18th and June 3rd which were all shipped promptly. We did notice an order on May 27th on our backend which was not processed. When questioned, *** said it was cancelled because of his credit card limits. This order was never processed by Paypal and can be seen in the attached screenshot as cancelled. His credit card limit was also stated as the reason for multiple smaller orders being placed by the customer. We were contacted numerous times by this customer via phone and the customer placed a total of (4) processed orders for this same product and he said he will continue to purchase this product on a regular basis. Supply from the manufacturer is limited, we have been in contact with the customer to ensure quantities were available before these orders were placed. This was done via phone and email as can be demonstrated in the screenshot attached. All orders from this customer are as follows: *,*,*,*( We have provided invoices from our supplier for all of these orders, as all orders shipped directly from the supplier and were delivered according to the tracking information provided. I can provide screenshots of our multiple phone conversations with this customer if requested, as I do not want to violate confidentiality. This customer knew exactly what was being ordered, everything has been shipped and your help is greatly appreciated.

Paypal shows 1 case still pending and for the 2 that are closed: Your buyer's financial institution has informed us that the following case has been decided in the buyer's favor."


The email I received states:


$1,704.45 USD has been debited from your PayPal account because of the following reason(s):


In addition, you have been debited a $20.00 USD chargeback fee.


When I go to file an appeal in the resolution center, I have been getting a "Something went wrong on our end try again later" message. I've tried multiple browsers and devices with the same result.


Any advice is greatly appreciated as I am at a loss what to do at this point. The customer received the product and I have a record of it. If the customer had an actual issue with payment I would think Paypal would have caught on earlier...

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