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Transaction dispute

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I sold an item on ebay in January, this was an embroidery machine and I sold it for quite a bit of money. After receiving the payment, I shipped the item. The item was shipped UPS and the item was received. Later I got a notice the buyer was disputing due to fraudulent charges on card. I was later rewarded my money back and it was being reviewed by the financial institution. I thought it was over, but tonight I get a notice that they have taken the money back out of my paypal and the bank has closed the case. I am out a lot of money and don't have my embroidery machine back to try to resell it. Can anything be done to get my money or item?


Transaction dispute

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I Would Personally Recommend You Re-Open The Case
Show Them Sufficient Proof Of The Transaction, And That The Buyer Got The Item he / She Paid For Along With All Receipts / Shipping Notices Etc

Transaction dispute

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You can't re-open closed cases.

An unauthorised transaction means that an account holders Paypal account was hacked and used without their consent by your ?buyer.

If Paypal check IP addresses etc and find in favour of the account holder then of course they are reimbursed.
However you would not lose out either as long as you met ALL the requirements of seller protection, so your best bet is to go and read up on it to make sure you were covered because as they took the funds back again it sounds as if you were not.

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