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Sellers beware

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1st time seller Listed a bike on sale via eBay, the buyer contacted me, mail exchanged via eBay. Asking how much I would be willing to accept ,£1450 was agreed and he asked if I would accept PayPal. Details swapped - pickup arranged. Showed up next day, happy with the item. I have a Ring recording of the buyer at my door, due to this being 1st item sold via PayPal 21 days waiting period. Funds released on 21 June. Soon after recieved a case dispute (The buyer stated that they did not authorise this purchase). I was given 10 days to respond, which I did. Received an update a fews later the case closed in the buyers favour. PayPal offers no protection and knowingly let these types of scams to continue. So what is PayPal charging for, when it provides very little to nothing.

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