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Seller protection and rights for a fraudulent non-authentic claim by a buyer

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Hi everyone,


I have recently had a claim against me that I sold a high value fake item through DEPOP. I know this to be false as I purchased them from a highly reputable source (END.) and considering I'm doing a masters degree in Sports Engineering, I think I could spot fake trainers! I still have the order confirmation from the website which I sent them when they purchased the trainers and again when they filed a dispute. They haven't responded to any messages I've sent them and have not provided any evidence of the claims that they are putting forward against me (they claim to have had the trainers authenticated but have not said by whom or provided any proof that it was done). Please could anybody advise me on what to do as PayPal are telling me to respond but I have nothing to respond to as I'm sure they're just trying to pull a fast one on me!!! 😞


Thanks in advance to anybody who has read this and willing to help me out!

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