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Seller Protection not honoured

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Hi All


I have sold somethings on ebay and in the email notifying me of payment received from Paypal it states this is Eligible for Seller protection.


But the buyer has opened a dispute saying their account was hacked and this was an unauthorized transaction. Paypal has sided on the Buyer and deducted the money from my account meaning I am out of pocket.


If the email said sellers protection but Paypal are not honoring it what is my next course of action to get my money back? is there an ombudsman or something I can appeal too?




Seller Protection not honoured


Hi akimba, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


I am sorry to hear that this happened. The fact that you are eligible for our Seller Protection policy, though, does not mean that the payment is automatically covered. If the dispute has been filed for an unauthorised payment, in fact, you will need to provide a tracking number showing that the item has been delivered to the buyer's address and this information has to be provided within the requested timeframe. If you did not provide any information or if the item was a service or a digital item, this could explain why the payment was reversed. 


You can find more information here


I hope this helps!


Seller Protection not honoured


Thanks for the reply

I sold 15 digital codes and these were sent via ebay messaging service proof has been provided


10 of these sales have turned into disputes, none of the buyers are disputing the validity or delivery of the codes but they are all saying their accounts were hacked.


So I have hundreds of £'s on hold in my account meaning I cannot use paypal/ebay and these could take upto 30 days?

I have had 2 claims go my way and 2 go against me so doesnt seem to be much consistency. I hope the rest all go my way else I will be so much out of pocket it isnt funny 😞

Seller Protection not honoured


I am getting the same runaround after Apple claims I bought something I didn’t. PayPal will not honour the dispute because they said I bought from Apple before. They said I have to prove I “didn’t” buy anything as opposed to Apple proving I did authorize payment. I said this is ridiculous since how do I prove I didn’t use their service. They need to prove I authorized a payment, which they can’t, because I didn’t. No wonder people are getting fed up with this so called service. 

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