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Seller Protection a total Joke !

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paypal is using their seller protection as a selling point for their services ,  the qualifications sound easy enough to meet for a reputable seller , just ship using a trackable service ( or buy the label through paypal)  have a account in good standing and provide documentation when requested and you are covered so just use paypal instead of other payment services and you dont have to worry !

Well as it is with any service the truth comes out once you need the service and it turns out in the case of paypal that they grossly misrepresent their seller protection !

The mess started back in 2020 ,  we sold items to a customer in france and billed him for each order using paypal ( which we considered the safe option at the time ) the customer asked us at the time not to ship the items but to hold them and consolidate everything in one shipment at a later date to save on shipping fees ,  a little bit later he asked if we could accept some shipments for purchases he made on ebay and consolidate everything in one pallet .

The pallet was never picked up but after one year he opened a chargeback with his credit card company for the first invoice ,  as we were alarmed by this action and suspected fraudulent intent we immediatly pulled the items from the pallet and shipped them out USPS with tracking , we purchased the labels through paypal to be sure !  Paypal covered the 2 invoices under seller protection but now after opening chargebacks on additional 6 invoices they decided to decline coverage on all 6 , what a bunch of BS and definately a case of false advertising .

Moral of the story : ditch paypal as fast as you can especially if you are dealing with european customers who can open chargebacks even years after the sale , dont rely on paypal because they wont help you

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