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Scam, goods not delivered, demands refund

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My morning laugh, before I could post, I had to confirm I AM NOT A ROBOT, when in fact it should have required me to admit  I AM A STUPID.


Ok, I'm 25 years with Paypal, no issues. A close call yesterday has me wondering.  I list a large heavy item on Craigslist or even eBay. Buyer and I exchange emails he decides to buy it - pays with Paypal, and have a shipper pick it up. OK, not everybody has a truck, I'm good with the request. Truck comes and picks the thing up and leaves. Sometime later Paypal  gets the request for a refund because he didn't receive the item. 


With this Covid, I have received many packages delivered to me in plain unmarked rental trucks -not unusual considering the demand for vehicles. Unmarked truck comes to pick up a specific item, I'm not likely to ask for a receipt, and even if I did, it wouldn't be worth the paper it's written on.


Paypal states it must be sent to the registered Paypal address to be covered, but if anything is picked up in person, where is the proof it was delivered?


What would the outcome be, 'buyer get a full refund', 'seller keeps the payment'.  and any further suggestions would be appreciated.

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