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I sold an item on eBay that was non-refundable. The customer paid using PayPal and asked to return the item. I let him know that unfortunately the item is non-refundable and he understood. I did have seller protection on the item. I also had delivery confirmation and have proof that he received the item as well as our conversations through eBay. Over a month later, the customer submitted a chargeback request through his credit card company and PayPal subtracted the funds for the account while the case was pending. I provided all the info proving my case and when speaking with PayPal, they assured me that even if the credit card decides in their favor, since I have seller protection I will get my money back. They just said to wait til the case is decided and I can start my seller protection claim.


Well, not surprisingly, the customer's credit card company decided in their favor and PayPal will not help me. I have called numerous times and they keep saying that the case is closed and I can not submit a claim for seller protection. After going back and forth and hours upon hours on the phone they let me know that they will reopen the claim and someone for PayPal will contact me. All lies by multiple supervisors/managers. No one ever calls back or emails...  It has now been over a month and they are sending me collections notices for the balance...


So in a nutshell, I sold an item on eBay, clearly stating no refunds. I have proof of delivery and conversations with him through documented eBay chat. He paid through paypal(showed seller protection) and never returned the item back to me... submitted a claim through his credit card company(I think he claimed that it was a payment for a subscription), the credit card company decided in his favor, and now PayPal says gives me the runaround and no one is giving me a straight answer or calling me back. I reviewed the seller protection description on PayPal and this should clearly be covered. 


Can anyone help me out? Should I just contact the BBB? 


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