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SCAMMED AS A SELLER! Please help me! I've lost £695

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I was selling my iPad Pro on the Facebook marketplace. I was approached by a man with a Facebook account that wasn't his name, he asked if I accepted PayPal, I said yes. After a string of communication, he agreed to pay the asking price of £695. He then didn’t reply for a couple of days so I assumed the deal was off. Then, at 14:24 and 14:27 on the 07/06/20, a man by the name of Adam called me, I missed the call and he left me a message on iMessage saying that he was on his way to collect the iPad, and asked if I received the money that his girlfriend had sent. He said he couldn’t send it to my account as it wasn’t verified, which I was confused at but believed him so he and his girlfriend sent it to my Mums account from his girlfriends account. I asked my mum and he had indeed transferred £695 (one £650 payment and one £45 payment) to my mums PayPal account. He agreed to meet me at my house at 3pm, I then rushed home from work and got the iPad ready. He said he wouldn’t get there in time so asked if I could meet closer to Guildford, where he was at that moment in time. I agreed as I had to get back to work. I met him at Palmers Cross, where he was waiting in a chrome gold Mercedes A class. I then handed him the iPad, he had a look at it and drove off. Everything was fine until this morning on 08/07/20 where my mum received an email from PayPal stating that the 2 transactions were made without the account holders permission and that they were looking into this. A few hours later, Paypal then came to a decision that the transactions were in fact unauthorised and have refunded Adam despite not asking me about this and have not bothered to try and find out my side of the story. If PayPal had just spoken to me to find out if I had any evidence of this transaction being legit, I’m sure this would have been resolved as I have proof of the authorised purchase through text messages and also I have his licence plate. I also went onto Facebook to check those messages, but Adams account has been deleted and therefore so have the messages, however, I do still have the iMessage messages which have a decent amount of proof on as well. But now I am left without an iPad, and the money originally paid to me has now been refunded back to Adam by PayPal. 

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