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Please help.

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Recently sold an item via Facebook. Buyer paid by Goods and services. All is fine until a week after I sold the buyer claims my item has not been recieved & opens a dispute. The next day the item is delivered & the PayPal claim is closed in my favour, I have proof of postage and delivery to the address provided by the buyer. It's now been almost a week since the dispute was closed but tonight I have an 'unauthorised transaction' filed by the same buyer. It's really clear she is trying to fraudently recoup her costs after her dispute was denied. I've responded to PayPal & submitted all the appropriate evidence. The item was sent by Royal Mail special delivery, it was signed for and the proof of postage matches the address the buyer has on file. The item has been delivered according to the tracking. Worried I've lost my item & now my money. Has anyone experienced this? Can you advise what happened next? It's been really stressful to get to this stage when my buyer has been an absolutely horrible liar to deal with.

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