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Payment on hold, is this a fraud?

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PayPal logo PayPal Transaction Reminder [TransferWise Money Transfer Confirmation Required] Dear Alexander <removed>, We are contacting you regarding your Transaction with Hristo <removed>. We are still expecting to receive the necessary TransferWise Confirmation from you, and you are required to send the TransferWise Confirmation to us within the next 6-12 Hours or Legal Action will take place. View the details of this pending transaction below Payment On Pending. Sent From:- <removed> Amount Sent:- €3,899.00 EUR Transfer Current Percentage Done: 99% Transfer On Pending... TransferWise Money Transfer Confirmation Needed to Credit your Account. Attachment: Please be advised that verification of TransferWise Money Transfer Confirmation of €399.00 EUR (which must be sent as deposit to Buyer's Shipping Agent) is required to complete this "Pending" payment sent to you by Hristo <removed>. Therefore, you are mandated to complete the refunding process within 6-12 Hours. Your account is being monitored through PayPal Security Systems. Upon the receipt of TransferWise Money Transfer Confirmation, your account will be credited accordingly which will include all costs charged for transfer via TransferWise transfer at PayPal cost. You are require to send us the TransferWise details below for Verification: (1) Sender's Name; (2) Receiver's Name; (3) REFERENCE Number; (4) Amount Sent; (5) TransferWise Confirmation; Below is the Confirmed &amp; Verified Agent's address where you are mandated to send the money: Account Name :- Folashade <removed> Account Number :- <removed> Bank Name :- ACCESS BANK PLC City :- Ibadan Country :- Nigeria. . Bank Details Status: Confirmed <a href="" target="_blank"></a> With more than 147 million accounts worldwide, we are a leading online payment method you can trust. Thanks for using PayPal. A. Williams. The PayPal Team. Email ID: PP307.

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