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Payment and disputes

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Okay so I’m a little confused. 

so I run a lowkey small graphics business, nothing special or very high costs. I ask for them to send via friends and family so if there’s a dispute, it won’t be against me. I always produce what they want. 

a guy contacted my asking for a design, and after failing to comply: he disputed it and lost.  

I was warned by staff members on another forum site if I wasn’t to issue a refund I’d be banned. 

this is the complication, he sent £75 but I was only able to withdraw £35. However, it says on his side the money has been sent yet I haven’t actually received it. I was forced to pay myself.  

what has happened and why am I not getting the money? It’s not in my bank, it’s not In my PayPal. Or my balance. I’ve never bought anything with it, it’s just not there..

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