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PayPal Protection when paying for a used engine directly through PayPal?

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A used engine is listed on EBAY, I've been messaging the seller discussing some other items such as the gearbox for this engine which is not part of the current EBAY listing. They quoted me a combo total price and said they would send me an invoice directly to me PayPal email address for payment.


Q. Do I have any form of Paypal Protection for purchasing the goods directly from PayPal and not from EBAY?

Q. The PayPal user T&Cs for protection mentions vehicles are not covered but doesn't confirm whether engines are within this scope?

Q. Should i be concerned in making a payment outside of EBAY? I've never gone into a contractual agreement with anyone for the purchase of an item when I would be paying for that item directly through PayPal.

The EBAY Seller has 100% positive with approx 50qty feedbacks, that said they're mostly much lower value items so not sure what to think.


PayPal Protection when paying for a used engine directly through PayPal?

Absolutely be concerned about ANY buyer protection through PayPal! Whether it is written or not, they will do everything they can to deny a refund of any kind. Read their "seller protection" its a mile long. Either way it is NOT worth using PayPal unless you absolutely trust your seller & are positive that you will not need any customer service from PayPal. Using PayPal is as good as throwing your hard earned money away.

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