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I sent an item in post for ebay buyer,the item has been lost or delayed.

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Hi can anyone help.


I sold an item on ebay,i am a power user 100% trusted ebayer for over 10 years. The item was posted on 4 march,drop of and pick up. The item was logged and paid online,i recieved proof of postage and tracking.

1 hour after drop off the item was picked up and my status uploaded online. 1 week later the buyer get back to me stating item hasnt been delivered. I checked the status and it stated on the 5 March item as delayed 24 hours and will be out delivered soon......Till this day its been stuck on this point. 


I contacted Parcel2Go and opened a dispute,no person was talked to as its all bots,they stated that its pending investigation,its still stuck on this 12 days later. There is NO WAY to contact a human on this site at all to talk to them and ask whats going on. Yesterday i logged into Paypal and noticed i was in Negative Value as if Paypal has refunded the buyer already,even without the ebay investiagtion being concluded. I tried to pay money into my Paypal account to get me out of Negative Value but it fails everytime and states that i need to wait on a dispute ending. I have no way to pay for other items via Paypal atm due to this mess.


So How do Paypal take money out my account and place it into the buyers without even telling me whats going on. Also the buyer is asking me to refund still to this day,when it looks like i already refunded?


Why can i not Place money from my Bank into Paypal without issues? To get me back out of Negative Value?

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