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I'm an in-game seller and a buyer is attempting to scam me by exploiting PayPal's chargeback system.

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I sell in-game items that are digital and I'm currently sitting in the most uncomfortable and frustrating situation. 


I fulfilled smoothly my part of the deal with a buyer and the buyer was happily satisfied, but 2 hours after received their money, I realize they're attempting to exploit PayPal's dispute system and get their money back. 

I have proof of chat & selling etc, but he blocked me and opened a case, where he claims the items were never received. 

According to my research, PayPal is unable to fully recognize most digital-purchases, therefore, I believe he'll most likely take away my money and my in-game stuff. 

I'm asking whether there's something to do in this situation and curious if there's anybody else who's even experienced this. 

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