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How do you avoid Chargebacks for SERVICE provided ? NOT ITEMS SHIPPED

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Hello and thank you for help.

I run a yacht charter company where the service is provided by renting a yacht (AND NOT SHIPPING ANYTHING) and charging the customer online via PayPal invoicing.

1. How can I make sure the credit card used to pay for the invoice is in fact belong to the person who made the payment, and boarded the yacht? 
The obvious answer is take a note or a photo of the credit card used when you meet the customer physically and in person before the board the yacht.

2. HOWEVER, PayPal does not provide the seller (Provider in my case) with the credit card number (OR AT LEAST THE 4 LAST DIGITS OF IT) anywhere!! What prevents the customer (A Fraudster) to show me a different credit card with his name on it and a matching ID, if I don’t have a way to match it to the card he used online??




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