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Help with dispute issue.I

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I sold an item on ebay in April 2020. The guy said he attempted to put a speedometer in a different vehicle other then the one it was intended for. Ebay sided with me the seller and did not refund the buyer. Then the buyer waited and disputed it with paypal showed pay pal the Ebay messages. PayPal stated the buyer needed to send the item back for a full refund, when the item was returned it was altered and broke from the buyer. i took photos of the item went to dispute it and  Paypal stated the case closed. I been messaging paypal for days who tell me they fixed the problem and today was the last day i could dispute the returned item. When i message paypal it takes over a day to get a respond. I feel like as a seller and business that sells items for paypal to make money, i been pushed aside in hopes that i will just walk away and not worry about my issue. Is there away to talk to a human or get something done about all this hassle????? 

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