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Getting refunded scammed

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Ok, so I sold some USDT (Crypto) to some random guy using Binance P2P service. He did pay me. However, 3 days laters, apparently he's asking for a refund. I have no invoice since it was done via P2P from binance. For some reason, Paypal doesn't even let me give my version of the fact. They (paypal) took back the full amount + the fees (which I already paid, and there for, I got charged twice for those)


I didn't lost that much but it is concerning how stupid this system is. I know we are supposed to protect the buyers. But here, as the seller, I'm getting **bleep** pretty hard since, well, I release my USDT and now I'm left with nothing. The support page of Paypal doesn't even reply and I had no chance to give more information about the "refund". Anyway, pretty bad day on my end. Hopefully there might be a solution.


Finally, on top of this mess, the transaction was apparently not covered by merchant protection, there for, I can't do anything. 


Thank you.

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