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Dispute with buyer over a a damaged box.

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I’m just after a little bit of advice. I sold some Lego sets that were new and sealed via a Facebook Lego group. The buyer received them but she is now claiming the boxes were damaged in transit. She has sent me photos of the damaged boxes and wants a partial refund for them. I sold them to her for well under retail price and I don’t believe that the boxes were damaged by the post service as they were wrapped so well. I think she just wants something for nothing. I’m not a business seller but just wanted some advice as to whether PayPal would automatically side with her if she raises a dispute. The Lego itself is completely fine, just a few dents on the boxes. 


Dispute with buyer over a a damaged box.


Did she send pictures of the *exterior* box(es) used to ship the package(s)? No external box pictures, then it is likely there was little-to-no damage in transit. Been down THAT road too many times.


You say you sold well below retail, so simply ask for the full sets to be returned for a refund AFTER inspection of the returned items.


You could maybe ask the postal inspectors to check it out, but they likely would not get involved. Tell the buyer you are considering contacting the postal inspectors because she says they were damage in transit. Or tell her to do that herself--and then see what happens.

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