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Buyer panicked

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After fleeing domestic stupidness and realizing I needed to find a way to make some money I finally decided to begin online sales of items I'm somehow decent at finding and re-selling online. I really can sell rocks online so my first sale and it was a new account so I can keep track of all sales when dedicated as a job. All normal pretty sane things to do. There was confusion at one point about which address to mail to and she thought I needed email. Anyway after she paid I went to sleep after telling her I would mail in the morning. Surprise I wake up to a dispute believing I'm a scam. Well didn't anyone tell her it's nice to just ask hey I changed my mind instead of that accusation. She didn't even give me 3 hours and it was night. I did nothing wrong at all so is there any way to not be out of pocket? Is this something that shows on seller profile? Never experienced this before. Highly offended and I think she regretted it and wanted to ensure she could back out.

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