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Buyer claimed unauthorized Transaction

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I sold a Roblox account to a buyer via eBay which I provided the account information via email after the transaction completed.  PayPal authorized the transaction. 30 days later the buyer stated it was an unauthorized transaction.  I provided PayPal the transaction information showing the Roblox account information was provided via eBay email.  PayPal ruled in favor of the buyer.  I am now out the goods/roblox account and have to pay the money lost (double whammy).  Where is the seller protection?  Literally anyone can do this to a seller and the seller has no protection.  How is this legal?  Paypal should be on the hook for dealing with the buyer's bank/credit card company if someone stole their information and made an illegal purchase.  How can i fight this?


Buyer claimed unauthorized Transaction

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Not a great deal of seller protection for digital / virtual sales, your best bet is to go read up on it in paypals user agreement so you can risk assess any transactions.

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