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Buyer Cancelled Payment

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I set up a new account on PayPal when I started reselling shoes, so I’ve never sold through paypal. I had a guy in Miami message me about a pair of shoes. We agreed on a price, I went to the USPS store within the day or day after and had it shipped. He already paid at that point and on my PayPal it said pending and that it was because it was the first transaction on my account. Said I had to wait I believe 21 days and that at that time I would receive the money. The buyer said that if he confirms the Payment on the invoice that I could receive the funds early. So he did and then it still said pending. He said he would call his bank so he did, then said they said it was something on my end. I got real busy and didn’t really worry about and was waiting the 21 (or however long) until I got the payment. I go back on just a few minutes ago and it says payment canceled... He has the shoes in possession as I have the tracking information and it was delivered... How can I get my money from him?

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