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Ahipping with paypal pending

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I'm sending a rolex and gucci shades thru ups. He wants me to send them first. Then my money will be unlocked. Scam or no?


Ahipping with paypal pending

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As we don't have any details about your sale -for example:

Did you send an invoice to the buyer and they paid on the PayPal checkout screen.

Did you simply provide your email address to the buyer and they used the send Money Option for Friends and Family or Goods and Services.


Lets say you sent an invoice to the buyer and they paid but, now you see your funds are on hold, once you ship and provide the tracking info to PayPal, PayPal will release the funds within a few days.   This method would be eligible for Seller Protection.   There's some great info here you should know.


If the buyer paid you using the Send Money feature and choose the Friends and Family option - this is risky as you won't have any proof of a sale and should there be an issue after you ship the items, you won't have seller protection nor will you be able to open a dispute.

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