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Account hacked, cannot contact PayPal

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I was trying to reach PayPal support calling via Skype, the official PayPal number then began Skype messaging me labelled 'PayPal Support'.

I disclosed my email and sms passcode to them, they have hacked the account and I cannot reach PayPal.


Please help.


Account hacked, cannot contact PayPal

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If you linked any bank accounts or cards, please contact your financial institutions to report them as compromised and get reissued accounts. Then send a message to PayPal through the Message Center. Click "Help" at the top menu, then click "Message Center" and then tell PayPal exactly what happened, as you did here.


The official way to contact PayPal is through the PayPal website, through your PayPal account. Skype-ing or any posted numbers found on the net can be fake.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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