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Updated Name & Address in Business Account Won't Show in PDF Monthly Statements

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I changed the name on my business account. Also changed address. The new name appears on top of any page on the site. When I go into "Reports" to download a monthly PDF statement, it shows the OLD name and OLD address. I made the change a week ago. So for example, the old name of this account was XYZ. I changed it to ABC. It now shows ABC on the top of any page. I go into Reports to access the Statements, download monthly statement in PDF, and under the "Statement for (month)" it shows XYZ instead of ABC.  Customer service reps over the phone don't have a CLUE, not a single clue, very incompetent. 


I asked for a supervisor after several calls, was put on hold but after 30 minutes I hung up. I can't take this nonsense. Messenger option is worthless; it's a robot. I can't find a live chat.


What is going on here? Anyone have any ideas? Don't tell me to change my name in the "change" section under Accounts. I ALREADY DID THIS.  ALREADY DONE. It is NOT showing in the PDF monthly statement. Any help appreciated. 


Updated Name & Address in Business Account Won't Show in PDF Monthly Statements


Hi there,


I'm sorry to hear about your continued frustration when trying to change your business' name on PayPal, and also for the inconvenience you've faced when trying to contact us directly. This isn't the service that we strive to provide. For an issue like this, you can refer to this Help Centre article -


I understand that you may have already gone through these steps numerous times. If the problem still isn't resolved, the best way to get in direct contact with our team is by using the 'Contact' option at the bottom of the PayPal website. If you could explain to the representative that you speak with that your issue has been ongoing and that you have completed the necessary steps to change the details on your account. I would also advise screenshotting any error messages you see for future reference.


Thank you for your patience regarding this. 



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