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PayPal suddenly always asking for verification

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As of today, for some reason, every time I log into my PayPal account on my desktop, either directly from the site or when trying to make a purchase via PayPal, I am asked to verify my identity with 2 factor authentication.


I've tried removing my PC as a "trusted device", this did nothing. I've tried restarting my browser (Chrome) and restarting my PC, this also did nothing. I tried clearing my cookies for PayPal specifically and logging back in, but I'm still asked to verify myself every time I log in. Additionally, I'm not even being given an option to "trust this device" when logging in, so not really sure what to do at this point.


For some reason, this issue is not occurring at all on my laptop, so I'm unsure what the issue is.


Having to constantly grab my phone every time I need to log into PayPal on my PC is definitely an inconvenience, so if there's a way to solve this, that'd be great. Can't think of anything that may have triggered this either, I haven't done anything different on my PC since yesterday. I occasionally got asked to verify myself for PSD2 purposes, but I don't think that's what's happening in this case.


Does anyone have any advice?


PayPal suddenly always asking for verification

PayPal Employee

Hi  @Uralowl 


Welcome to community.


I'd recommend reaching out to our Customer Support teams by clicking "Contact" at the bottom of any PayPal page for further assistance.




PayPal suddenly always asking for verification


Having the same exact issue, occurs on my primary browser Google Chrome but not in Microsoft Edge. 


I've ensured I have my login saved properly, cookies are accepted and not being cleared, did a cache wipe of the browser just in case, still wouldn't work. Then went and reset chrome to all default settings and STILL being asked to login in each and everytime I leave the PayPal site AND for a verification number texted to my phone. 


Like OP said, very inconvenient. As you suggested I will reach out to PayPal customer support, which fingers crossed will have at least half a brain and act like they don't hate their job like my last correspondence a while back. 

PayPal suddenly always asking for verification

New Community Member

Yeah it just started asking my for my auth every time I log in now. It used to have a box to check for making my browser trusted but it's gone. I don't mind having to use my auth app for purchases but having to get my phone and put in the code every time I want to check my balance and log in is crazy 😞

PayPal suddenly always asking for verification

Did you get this fixed yet? I’ve been having it the last couple days and have turned off (I had to use the browser version and then the gear/settings and then security) 2-factor authentication “on every login”. When you turn it off, you’re not turning off 2-factor generally but 2-factor on every login. After you do that, the “trusted device” option appears again when you put the 2-factor code in but then won’t appear on that device/browser after that point. ^_^

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