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Increase Auto-Logout Time

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Is there any way to increase this? We're using paypal commercially and it even logs us out while taking the time to answer paypal claims. The timeframe is so short you constantly have to remember to click anything. It's close to impossible to complete any task on this platform without having to re-login a few times. 


I understand the security implications, but others have found way smarter ways to deal with this compared to PayPal. Maybe the limit can be increased for certain computers? Maybe professional users with known track-record can up the limit? Maybe you could pop-up a window telling about logout in xx seconds? Maybe you can select a timeframe right at login, which is only valid for this single session?


The user interface in general is (very often) unbearably slow ('s not our iNet in general 😉 ) and having to re-login to it all the time makes the user experience just even more annoying. Our local bank here in little Austria offers a user interface light-years ahead of what big PayPal was able to achieve as a tech-giant in 20 years. Just to have that mentioned as well. 😉


The Auto-Logout even **bleep** me while writing this...glad i saved it in a Text-Editor locally. 



Increase Auto-Logout Time


I have the same issue in the UK. I hope the PayPal makes an easy option to fix it.

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