I cant log out of the paypal phone app an android

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I noticed that my PC account said I hadn't finished setting up the account. This wanted me to load the phone app to complete the process. Having done this I logged on to the phone app on my Android phone. When I try and log out via my icon at top left it wants a fingerprint but says its logging on, it rolly around in a loop none of which logs out. By the way the app is also poor.

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Hello @edwells59


Welcome to the PayPal Community Forum! I'm sorry to hear you've run into some issues completing your account. I can understand how concerning this must be. Were you trying to complete the step to confirm your phone number? If so, you can confirm your number with the steps detailed here: How do I confirm my phone number? 


Otherwise, you may wish to just uninstall the app from your phone. 


I hope that helps!


 - Jon K

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