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How to set up business Paypal account that is a subsidiary of existing S-Corp

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I have an S-Corp and a Paypal business account. I have recently created a subsidiary of this S-Corp that has it own separate bank account. I want to create a separate Paypal business account for this subsidiary, using a email address I have that is for this subsidiary. The problem is when I try to set up the business account in Paypal, it is asking for the FEIN number. This subsidiary does not have its own FEIN number! Should I set it up as an LLC for paypal purposes? The only options I have when setting up this separate business Paypal account are "Corporation" or "LLC". This subsidiary is neither of those. Does anyone have any idea how to proceed setting this up? Frustrated and stumped. Thank you.


How to set up business Paypal account that is a subsidiary of existing S-Corp

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PayPal allows each user to have one business and one personal PayPal account. Each account type allows up to 8 email addresses (One primary and 7 secondaries).

Add new subsidiary email address to your business PayPal account. You can use this email address to receive payments into the same PayPal account and somewhere on the PayPal checkout page for this new subsidiary to inform your customers they’ll see the charges as [business name of your business PayPal account] on their card statement. You can do Activity download reports and sort by the transactions by email address that received payment, the “To” field.

For any special configurations (ie. main/sub accounts), contact PayPal Sales Team



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