How can I verify my identity when the provided link shows an error message?

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Dear PayPal Customer Support,

I am writing to seek urgent assistance regarding my PayPal account, which has been permanently limited.  Recently, I received an email from PayPal instructing me to provide information to verify my identity and lift the limitations on my account.

However, when I attempt to follow the instructions provided in the email, I encounter an error message stating: "Unfortunately, we can no longer process payments for you based on a recent review of your account. We've sent you an email with more info."

I am unable to proceed with the verification process due to this message, and I have not received any additional information via email that clarifies the steps I need to take. As my 180-day waiting period has concluded, I am eager to resolve this issue promptly so that I can access the funds in my account.

Could you please provide clear guidance on the next steps I need to take to verify my identity and withdraw my funds? Your assistance in resolving this matter as quickly as possible would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue.


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If you have been given a permanent ban then you won't be able to use paypal again.

The 180 days only refers to the time after which you can withdraw any funds from that limited account, it does not mean you will ever be able to use that account again.

You can rarely appeal a permanent ban but if you want to try an appeal then contact customer services.

They 'may' pass it to the back office but the chances of the appeal being successful are slim. Paypal state that the decision is not made lightly and once made is usually final.

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