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Hide/Show Different Name when Receiving Payments

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Long story short, I don't wish one of my clients to see either my name or business name (I do own a business PP account as well). Reason being the fact that we had troubles in the past and I am pretty sure I would lose him as a client if he finds out I am behind this. Is there any way for me to receive a payment without having to show my details? Alternatively, is there any chance to setup a sub-account with a different business/private name and show that one on client's transactions? To clarify even further, I am 100% happy for all transactions to go under my personal/business account (and, of course, pay taxes for those), I just don't wish to display my name/business name to 1 client.

Hide/Show Different Name when Receiving Payments


Hello @Freedancer,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I realize that you may not want your personal details displayed with transacting within PayPal. I understand your concern behind this request. Typically, we do not permit alternate names to be displayed when transacting. Your clients will see your legal name or your legal business name. This depends on the type of business your account is classified under. It is possible that your clients will see your legal name DBA, or doing business as, and then your legal business name. 


I hope this helps! 

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