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Deleting old delivery addresses

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I have only ever had just one PayPal account.  I use the account fairly regularly (once every week or two).  Today I made a purchase to be paid via Paypal.


When the Paypal confirmation and delivery page appeared, the drop-down showed an address I have not used for many years.  Clicking on the drop-down revealed around 10 different addresses; none of which were 100% correct.  I selected the best match at least I could get a family member to receive the goods.  However, the selected option did not show as the required delivery address - the original (and very wrong) address was shown.


I added my correct address (I have been ling here for nearly 30 years!).


How do I permanently remove the list of addresses that are not correct from the dropdown?  Will the dropdown actually work (Ie select an address that I clicked on).


Deleting old delivery addresses


You can't as yet. You have to contact support and go through the lengthy process of having them do it for you.

A waste of time IMHO. Account holders should be able to do it themselves.

Cheers, Mark

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