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Can't access my other Paypal

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I made another PayPal for my group charity. I made it last year using my old phone which I no longer have. So it's sending a code to that phone and there's no other way to confirm it. I've been able to log into it just fine until it kept giving me errors trying to confirm the email. Now it has locked me out of my account after I just posted in my group to start using it. So people have sent money to it that I can't get to. Any resolution??


Can't access my other Paypal

PayPal Employee

Hi @RockyPOH 


Thank you for contacting community. 


I see you're unable to access your PayPal account due to an old phone number. Here you can contact us over the phone to validate details about your account and regain the access again. To find the contact details, you can visit the PayPal Website and at the bottom of the page click on Contact us option. Then select< Password and account access< Login problems < Call us. 


I hope this helps. 


Thank you


Can't access my other Paypal

PayPal Employee

Hi @RockyPOH.

I am sorry to know that you have trouble accessing the account due to inactive mobile number. I would request you to please visit on and click on 'Contact Us' at the bottom of the page to find the best contact information so that the team can help you in resolving this. 

Stay safe and have a good day! -Nasir

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