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Account verification

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when i was creating paypal account my friend told me that i could've used any name i wanted and so did i and now i can not verify my paypal account because i have wrong name submitted in paypal and is there any way to change my paypal name and upload my documents to verify my account?


Account verification

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No. If that were so easy anyone can change name to claim an account. PayPal allows change name but for very specific reasons (marriage/divorce, change two letters, change nickname to full name—Jim to James). Can’t change a name to a different person, certainly not while PayPal is requesting to verify if the info you entered is valid/accurate. You can try and see if PayPal will accept a name change is all you can do.


That was terrible advice given by your friend. Hope you don’t have a lot of money in the account or linked your bank/card because it’s stuck if PayPal refuses to change name and the account will eventually be permanently limited since you’re not able to verify it and you can’t use PayPal anymore due to use inconsistent with PayPal policies because you’re supposed to use factual/accurate account info..

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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