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Account locked

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So I can’t remember the password for my account so I click forgot password and enter the correct email but then the only option it gives me to verify identity is a text to a phone number I can’t use right now because the screen is destroyed. Any other options? Also-because I’m still waiting on PayPal to respond…I created a new account with my name that I go by which is my middle name, and then my (as of 2 months) married name. Well then my idiot self uploads my drivers license for my identification and I’m trying to add cards left and right for transferring balances, and then I realize that my cards AND my license all have my FIRST name and my maiden name. I’m guessing this is why none of the cards worked, although for two accounts it said they couldn’t be used because they were already liked to other accounts which I can’t find evidence of, but other cards just said they couldn’t be used. I’m guessing this is because of the names not matching up? Am I able to fix this? Thank you in advance

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