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I need to cancel the two-phase verification, but I can't reach the phone number. I need to contact support, but I can't reach the account. Is there an email contact for support? the help center is bad it's a tangled circle with no help

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Contact options for each countries Paypal customer services are accessed by clicking help/contact bottom left of Paypal pages.

1. Paypal phones (you can use the guest option if you can't log in).
2. Live chat is also randomly available.
3. You can send them a message, (during business hours you may also be able to message whilst logged out).
4. Have you considered contacting Customer Service via Facebook or Twitter?
You can send them a personal message from their Facebook or Twitter pages.
It's: and @AskPayPal for Twitter.

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Hello, I am from the same country as @janahsedl and I tried everything you suggested with no result, unfortunately. No message with code received, no phone call received. There is no direct way how to contact anyone. I tried Facebook and they send me link to this site. Every time I click on contact us option there is no email address just this site. I am really desperate.

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Hi @Jennis99,


Welcome to the PayPal Community and thank you @kernowlass for the info!


I am sorry to hear you are having issues accessing your PayPal account. I know this must be frustrating. For security reasons, access issues must be resolved with our Customer Support directly. 


To contact us, simply click here. Then click on Password and access issues, then Login problems. There you will be able to contact our Customer Support without logging in. 

I hope this helps!


- Rachel 



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