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proving the account is mine

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I use Paypal for depositing my managed payment on ebay.  Now they want not only my first born (kidding)....they want me to prove my banking information with a statement that includes the account #.  statements on Paypal don't have that # on only has me name and email.  How can I prove to them this is my account that matches the direct deposit info. thanks to anyone who can help.


proving the account is mine


Hello @ShawnP2


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting. 


I completely understand that you're trying to verify your account. In this case, the best way to resolve this issue is by contacting our customer service so that one of our advisors can assist you further. Please contact customer service by clicking contact at the bottom of the PayPal website to see the contact options so that our advisors can help you accordingly with what is next steps to be taken.


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