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lost access to my not for profit's account - pls help!

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I am the treasurer for a not for profit organization.  I took over the paypal account and transferred the contact email to my personal email...except I already had a personal email account (same one) assigned for paypal.  It was a dumb move...but now I cannot access the original account or the funds contained therein.  I have since opened a separate account for the entity.


Any suggestions to access this account and transfer money ?


Thank you

Ryan in Texas


lost access to my not for profit's account - pls help!


Hello @Ryan6294,


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting. 


Welcome to the PayPal community and thank you for your post!


I am sorry to know that you're unable to access your PayPal account. I would suggest you get in touch with Customer Support by clicking 'Contact' at the bottom of any PayPal page. From here, if you click the 'Password and Account Access' option, then 'Login Problems'. On the next page, you will see options to reach out to us. You do not need to be logged in to use this feature.


I hope this helps,

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