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I am  pastor with a Pay Pal account and for several years that I used to receive donations that were then transferred to the bank account of my Church in Bend, OR.  Unfortunately, I do not remember what I did to add the Church to my account.  As I read it now, there is a process for adding a non-profit, but have no record of how I did it several years ago. 
I am no longer associated with that non profit, and am newly assigned as pastor for a Church in Littleton, CO.  I need to know how to remove the legacy Church and add the new Church so a Pay Pal link can be added to the website to recieve donations.  

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Hi @FrDamian,


Welcome to the community and thank you for your post!


I do understand your concern with this. Only one business/non profit can be associated with one PayPal account. The business/non profit cannot be changed to another. 


If you now are working with a different non profit, you would need to open a new PayPal account. To do that, simply visit and click Sign Up


Once you create your new account, you can then follow the steps here to set up a fundraiser. You will then receive a link which you can share with your friends and acquaintances.


I hope this helps!

- Rachel 

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