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access old account

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I have an old account that I dont use. I have a credit account and was able to get imnto it today. I retired and moved to Brazil where my daughter lives. Friends that owe me money sent it to the old account number and that was an error. Now, the money is gone from their accounts and I cannot get into my old account. I have a phone from here now and the old one is disconnected. I cannot request a new code to get in to update or get that money transferred because I dont have that phone anymore. Support was beyond unhelpful and wont do anything. They actually put me in a transfer loop to about 7 people who didnt even speak english. International phone calls from here are expensive to the extreme and Im getting more tha frustrated with PAYPALS attitude. I want MY money and the dead end solutions are just customer disservice. One guy says I need to start a PAYPAL account here, but how does that help get the money in the other account out of it? really? Thats what Ive been up against. How do I solve this dilemna? 


access old account

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