You have entered an invalid phone number... NO, I don't!!!

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Hello. I am trying to change my main phone number since I got a new one and want to discard the old one but every time I try to add the new number this "You have entered an invalid phone number." error appears.


I tried it to input it in every possible way but it always says the same error. I am from Panama, I live in Panama and both my old number and my new number are Panamanian numbers as well.


Really I need to discard my old number asap and I can't cuz Paypal...


Thanks your attention.

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Hello @woodsoul


Welcome to the PayPal community and thank you for your post.


As your question is very account specific, I would advise you to contact our customer care department who can help you further. You can do this by clicking on the Help and Contact link at the bottom of every PayPal page to check what your contact options are. You can also contact us via our Facebook Page or Twitter @askPayPal.





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