Why does my delivery address not update?

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OK I've successfully changed the address on my account, no problem. Then I made a purchase and immediately noticed it had my old address as the delivery destination. So I had to contact the seller and ask them to send the item to my new address. Then I made another purchase and it had my new address as the delivery address. Fixed, I thought. Then just now I made another purchase and guess what - Paypal has again instructed the seller to send the item to my old address. This despite my new address showing as the only address in my account. I simply cannot find how to fix this. Currently looking at deleting my account and opening a new one in order to change my address. Surely this can't be right.


One thing - the address on my account says "billing address" - I can't find any reference to "delivery address" - should there be?

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Hi @Mr_Frustrated1,


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I am sorry to hear what is happening. I know this must be frustrating. When you make a transaction and enter your address on the merchant's website, it will be saved on your PayPal account as a hidden address. Hidden addresses cannot be viewed in your PayPal account as they are stored at the checkout when using a merchant's website. 


To request any hidden addresses to be deleted from your PayPal account, please contact our Customer Support. They can manually do this for you. Once this is done, they will no longer show as an option when making a payment. 


To contact us, simply click here. Alternatively, you can contact us via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PayPal or Twitter @AskPayPal.

I hope this helps!


- Rachel 

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