Trouble with account name, incorrect details

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I have just created my business paypal account for my website. I am a sole trader and unfortunately I put the first and last name of my business in for personal info doh!!! not my own name, it won't let me change and is asking for valid id for the name. Obviously as it is a business name instead of my name it does not have a drivers licence. How can I rectify please?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Hi @albanysassypant,


Welcome to the community and thank you for your post!

I do understand your concern with this. If your account is a registered business, you can apply for a business name change. This can be requested following the steps here. The photo ID you would be requested to provide would be the persons name who will be on the PayPal account. 


If you are not a registered business, then we won't be able to complete a name change I'm afraid. In this case, I would suggest you close your account and open a new account using the correct name. To close your account, simply click here


I hope this helps!


- Rachel 

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