Stuck in incredible poorest customer service I ever experienced. Charity needs URGENT help

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I am the head of a charitable organisation and we are more than deeply disappointed by the poor customer service paypal France is offering. 
Because our organisation is foreign we didn't fit into some forms and paypal freezed our account with all the donations from donors on it. 
Since months we are reaching out to the customer service. Documents that we are sending are not reviewed, techical bugs on the website and authorisation process are not fixed, requests are irgnored, information that we sent is closed and obviuously lost every week and again and again we can start over with a new customer service agent that is not informed over the former issues in the process. 
This is now going like this since months. Actually, we are trying since a year to run through the authorisation process and since 3 months we are trying to fix our freezed account with all the donations on it. 
Our donors are literally and understandably going mad because we cannot the charity funds anymore and refunds that we promised donors cannot be paid back since months. 
As a charity we have hoped to invest our energy into raising money for research for an incurable disease, but now we sit here everyday since months putting in an hour everyday of work to write with the customer service and starting over again and again because no one listens why their forms not work in our case. It's a horrible journey and we don't want to disappoint our donors. Now we are stuck in this dilemma and can't get out of this. What can I do to solve this? If this continues we feel forced that the only way is to make this public to really big press. What else can we do???


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