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I'm having an issue with change of number, I have deleted the primary one create other primary one just to realised the new primary one is unconfirmed , I tried to sign in using the web. What I got is " Sorry, we couldn't confirm it's you". Pls how do I resolve this.
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PayPal Employee

Hi @Olawaleemanu ,


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I'd recommend reaching out to our Customer Support teams by clicking "Contact" at the bottom of any PayPal page for further assistance

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The error "Sorry, we couldn’t confirm it’s you" is generic and shows due to several reasons.

Error page is:

In my case the error was showing while attempting to Add Money via website page

Reaching Paypal customer support was useless, including management escalation, emails that they did not read, long phone calls and more...
All they did was trying to teach me how to use Paypal and they want me to use some other paid services.
The manager that I speak with advised me to wait 2 days due to system issues and of course that was useless.

I was able to fix the issue after long hours of careful systematic troubleshooting because I being an Analyst/Consultant for years.

I let them know that I fixed it and offered my services, but they did not read again and the reply was Instructions on how to LogIn.

If anyone needs help with this, I will help... but will charge due to so many days of troubleshooting and aggravations especially if anybody from Paypal ask.

Best regards.

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Please I need your help !
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