Setting up payment in Canada


Hey , so let me explain the situation- Im an artist from Vancouver canada and i tried to open a Paypal business account but it only lets me pick united States in the address section and i cant fill in my Canada address and verify payment , why is that ?


And i did double check , I'm on the Canadian site ! the drop down menu lists Canadian provinces !

And I have not opened U.S paypal account , its Canadian one !

I tried to search for a solution and others have this same issue .. can someone help?

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PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

Hi @ameiliaxoxo15 


Thank you for visiting the PayPal Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear you're running into some issues while signing up for a PayPal account. I'd first recommend reviewing the troubleshooting steps on your end by changing your browser or clearing your cache and cookies. It would be great if you used a laptop or a desktop to perform this action after 24-48 hours. 


If you're still running into issues after that, please reach out to our Customer Support teams by clicking "Contact" at the bottom of any PayPal page.


Best wishes!

- Mujahid

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