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Problem linking PayPal to Twitch affiliate

New Community Member
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I'm trying to link my paypal account link to Twitch because I recently get the opportunity but I'm unable to link it for some reason, and a message appear that said "The account information could not be validated by PayPal. Please verify that your details are exactly as they are in your PayPal account (name and email address)." I'm literally trying every combination with my name, I have 2 names and 2 last names and non of the combinations works


Problem linking PayPal to Twitch affiliate

PayPal Employee

Hi @feil,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

I'm glad to address your concern. Click "More" in the top menu, then click the blue "Get Started" button below "Manage your profile."

Create (or turn on) your link.

To turn on your link toggle the button to the right of "Anyone can see and send money to your" to on — it should turn blue when on.

Hope this information helps.


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