Maximum amount available from your sales every mont


Dear PayPal.

I have a verified account, I have passed a check for orders, address, passport. I have no disputes and I am doing totally legal business with a partner at PayPal. My business is growing and I have exceeded my monthly limit for receiving payments.

I exceeded it about a month ago and in the help form I sent a request to increase the limit, I chose the value of 5000 dollars. I received an email that my request is being processed and will be completed within 3 days. In the end, I did not get an answer....


Now I again exceeded the limit and the form says that my limit is 900 dollars, although I have accepted much more in a month.

I give out to send a request to increase the limit, but the form is no more. I try to write to the support chat, I am told that the chat is not available, look for information in the Support Center (I tried many times at different times).


I cannot contact by phone, because I live in Kazakhstan and do not know spoken English.


How to find out the current limit? How to change it? How can I contact the support?

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Hi @SmirnovViktor,


Welcome back to the PayPal Community and thank you for your post!


I am sorry to hear about the issues you have been facing. I know this must be frustrating. To get this sorted, the best thing to do is to escalate your account for review. 


To do this, you will need to contact our Customer Support. If you are unable to contact us via phone, I would suggest you try contacting us through social media. You can contact us via Facebook or Twitter @AskPayPal.


I hope you get this sorted!


- Rachel  

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