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Login issues with my old phone number

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Hey, so i have a problem! I havent used my paypal a while, so i totally forgot my password, i set up a new one, but i cant log in because i used a phone number which one is not valid at all, so i cant receive any phone call or text or aynthing else with that phone number, but when i want to log in, the paypal wants to send or call that number because the PSD2. So how can i change my phone number or log in without that phone number? Thanks!


Login issues with my old phone number

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Login issues with my old phone number. Cant change it allways goes to Im Rahmen der überarbeiteten Zahlungsdiensterichtlinie (PSD2) "Starke Kundenauthentifizierung" benötigen wir weitere Informationen, die bestätigen, dass es sich wirklich um Sie handelt.

Login issues with my old phone number


Hi @Matyi000, and @Madlane


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum, and welcome as a new member! 


For security reasons, we are unable to assist with access issues over a Social Media forum. Full verification is required before access assistance can be given, and this assistance can only be given over the phone. If you go to the 'Help & Contact' icon on the PayPal website. Then if you click the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page. From here, if you click the 'Password and Account Access' option, then 'Login Problems'. On the next page, you will see a 'Call Us' option. You do not need to be logged in to use this feature.


- Siobhan 

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