Legit 2FA was needed to make online purchase, paypal resending the same code repeatedly


I made a purchase on a local restaurant (they're also a national chain) and had to log in via a device I hadn't logged into paypal before on. After receiving the 2FA code via text, I entered it and made my purchase. All was good. Then I started receiving more 2FA messages from Paypal, but they were all the same code. I tried to log into the site via a device that had never logged into it, requested a code, and still got the same code. This same code doesn't work though, so it seems like the 2FA is hosed on my account at the moment.



Has this happened to anyone? Should I just phone in to Paypal to resolve this? I don't want them to think my account was getting attacked or phished or something, I legit think paypal may have a bug on their end that's causing this. in one 30 minute span, I got 26 text messages with the same 2FA code. Then I got one per hour, it really varies.

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